scott_d2“I am 49 years old and David nutrition plan took me from 23% body fat all the way down to 7.2% body fat and I don’t get hungry. He helps me get the most out of my energy and my workouts as well. I’ve never had this kind of size in my chest and shoulders before.”

Scott R.

michael_d1“David really helped me understand how nutrient timing has an effect on my body. I never believed that I had what it took to compete in a physique show and avid made me believe in myself. David’s nutrition plan not only have me more definition in my abs but I actually gained muscle while I was doing it!”

Michael H.

You Need These In Your Fitness Toolbox



Flavor God spices are the definitely the most popular spice craze of the world of physique and fitness in the last few years. I keep it simple and I use the “Everything Seasoning”. Remember, sodium is a good thing and is absolutely needed for muscle contraction so spice your food or you won’t adhere to a diet. How much sodium? Listen to your body, if you crave salt (sea salt that is) get it. I won’t say the same thing with sugar.


Thorne FX is Dr. John Berardi’s company. He is as knowledgeable as it gets in the field of sports nutrition and exercise science. I’ve been reading his material since I was in high school. His written several books and is the founder of Precision Nutrition.  Only in recent years did he create a supplement company. He simply wouldn’t risk his reputation by putting out anything less that top […]

4 Things All Lean People Have In Common

First, The Bad News:

If you don’t ingrain these 4 things into your mind and implement them, it is going to be very difficult if not impossible to have the body of your dreams.

The Good News:

It’s easier to do things the way I am describing them below than the way you are currently doing things, plus you get results you’ll love!

Read until the end and there are a set of questions you can ask yourself that will allow you to check in if you share these commonalities with how lean people behave.

1.They Eat Big, BIG Meals From Time To Time

Call it a “junk day” like what Arnold Schwarzenneger and Franco Columbo used to call it when they would eat everything they wanted each week on Sundays, call it a cheat meal, refeed meal or an overfeed meal, there is nothing new about this.

While there is nothing new about the […]