Personal Training
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Are you stuck with little to no results for the last 6 months? There is a flaw in your program. I can diagnose this flaw and get you on track to start seeing results again, immediately.

Have injuries? I can teach you how to work around your injuries with corrective exercise and preventative techniques that will help you develop the body of your dreams. I have had 7 orthopedic surgeries, lymphoma cancer that permanently damaged my hip joint, scoliosis, multiple fractured vertebrae, and multiple spinal disc issues.  My experience overcoming these injuries and illnesses and winning my physique pro card has given me a real world masters degree in outsmarting, overcoming, and working around injuries for strength training. Let me show you how you can do it, too, regardless of your situation.

“You only fail when you give up.”
-David Sean

Nutrition Coaching

Tired of the guesswork when it comes to dieting? It's not guesswork. I will apply my years more than 15 years of studying nutrition and my experience as a fitness professional to create goal specific meal plans as well as teach you to listen to your body. Whether you want eat to get healthy or eat to gain mass or get lean my step by step nutrition coaching program will allow you to reach and surpass any goals you have.

“I can teach you how to EFFORTLESSLY maintain a lean, healthy body.”
-David Sean

Physique Competition Posing Program
IFPA Pro Physique Competitor

Unclear about physique competition posing? Confused about what physique competition judges want when it comes to posing? Want to be hands down the best poser at the next competition you do? Follow my detailed, step by step approach to MASTER physique posing. Anyone can do this if they follow the steps!

Take it from a pro-you can become a master at physique posing.

“Anyone with a little discipline can master physique competition posing.”
-David Sean

Contest Prep Nutrition

Tried competition prep coaches that did not lead you to a sustainable transformation after your show? Gain too much fat after your last show? Low energy levels during you last competition prep? You've come to the right place if you are looking for the absolute best contest preparation plan available anywhere. Why is David your best bet for contest prep? With David's plan your conditioning will be the best on stage, and you will have MORE energy than you've ever had during prep. David will get you the right meal plans for your goals, teach you how to listen to your body, teach you how to play the hormone game through macronutrient timing, but above all how to do all of this while continuing to be successful in your career outside of fitness. This step by step approach will get you to the stage in perfect condition and it will NOT be as hard as many people believe it should be. This is not a copy of a fad diet or copy of another industry guru. David's unique approach to contest prep will blow away once you see that you can compete, be the best, and still have a successful life outside of contest. Do not mistake David for just another prep coach-you're going to love it.

“I have spent 15 years studying human nutrition; my hands on experimentation with my body combined with very specific science earned me my pro card. I want to show you step by step how you can do the same thing.”
-David Sean