scott_d2“I am 49 years old and David nutrition plan took me from 23% body fat all the way down to 7.2% body fat and I don’t get hungry. He helps me get the most out of my energy and my workouts as well. I’ve never had this kind of size in my chest and shoulders before.”

Scott R.

michael_d1“David really helped me understand how nutrient timing has an effect on my body. I never believed that I had what it took to compete in a physique show and avid made me believe in myself. David’s nutrition plan not only have me more definition in my abs but I actually gained muscle while I was doing it!”

Michael H.

“I started training with David in July of 2015. I was the typical person who went to the gym and felt I needed to do 45 minutes of cardio and while I did lift there was no structure or method to it. After four months with David, I can tell you I wish that I met him a long time ago. The results that I have gotten in four months are more than I have gotten in the last two years!! David will teach you WHY you are doing what you are doing with your diet and training. If you are willing to surrender yourself to the process and listen to what he TEACHES you and not just TELLS you, then you will be amazed by what you can accomplish. I’ve lost 22 lbs in 4 months and gained a significant amount of lean muscle in the process, meaning I’ve lost easily MORE than 22 lbs of fat alone! The best part is that he rotates in reefed meals with no rules that boost my metabolism and allow me to indulge!”

Margie S.
Went from 37% body fat to 20% body fat and still going!

“Dave Hogan's summit is truly the key for what it takes to go from "good" to "great." I've been studying exercise, muscle recovery, and nutrition for over ten years now and can say with full confidence that I've learned more listening to Dave's interviews with the industry elite than I have throughout my entire time reading.”
Barry J.
"When I started with David, I was 40 years old at 167.5lbs and 14.6% body fat. Not a terrible fitness level to be at, but certainly not confident about it either. Through wokking with David I've gained more core muscle in my whole body than with any other program I’ve tried and was able to maintain my level of success more easily. I quickly found myself at !0% body fat and then came the single digits!!
James C.

testimonial2“I started training with David nine months ago and in that time I have lost 28 pounds and my body fat percentage has decreased from 37% to 23%. I am Over time I had gained a couple of pounds here and there and felt resigned to accept this as the normal aging process. I was worried about the diabetes and heart disease that runs in my family so I was watching what I ate and I exercised but my weight kept creeping up anyway.

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“I first met David in June of 2014. I approached him at the gym in a casual conversation, but I had no interest in signing up for personal training. I hadn’t had successful experiences with personal trainers in the past, and I didn’t expect that to change. Our casual conversation turned into a free, one-on-one consultation. I randomly walked up to him, and he stopped what he was doing, took the time to find out what exercises I was doing at the gym and asked me what I wanted to achieve. I was incredibly impressed with the questions he asked and his genuine interest in me and my circumstances.

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“I have been working with David for a little over 8 months now. I am 39 years old, I was 38 when we started. In the time period I have gone from 22% to 9.6% body fat. I am stronger, leaner and in overall better physical condition approaching 40 than I was when I entered college. The progress I’ve made has been the result of eating correctly and training correctly, things that I have learned to do by working with David."
Michael N.

“I first met David on line through his promotion of his telesummit “Women Meets Weights” in November of 2015.  I had already lost 100 lbs but for 6 months I was stuck in “plateauland” at 170 lbs.  It didn’t matter how severe I controlled my diet or how intensely I worked out — nothing I did would budge my weight.  I was extremely frustrated.  I wanted to find a sports nutritionist who understood the nutrition needs of someone who was basically physically fit and who, by the way, just happens to have a few medical conditions, such as coronary artery disease and type 2 diabetes.  The diabetic and cardiac diets were not adequate anymore.  These diets have their purpose but they are not sustainable when you make the necessary changes.  I believe they are designed for folks who are sedentary couch potatoes with no intention to committing to a change in their lifestyle and want to keep taking medication.

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